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The Digital Toolbox is a plug & play solution to unburden you in digitalisation. We have selected the best tech partners in the world, assessed them on compliance with European legislation and interoperability standards, ensuring smooth integration. The Digital Toolbox is a powerful procurement tool to help you use digital technology to solve societal challenges!

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Why use the
Digital Toolbox?

  • Getting a grip on fast-paced technological development
  • Unburdening in legal and technical requirements
  • Procuring cutting-edge solutions to urban challenges

Our solutions

  • Digital Twin
  • Urban Air Mobility
  • Internet of Nature
  • City Hub
Digital Twin

Digital Twin

The Urban Digital Twin (UDT) is the operating system for the city. We call it: CityOS. Using data, AI, and Machine Learning, it helps you to get insight into what is happening in the physical environment. You can use it for among others, reducing congestion, green management, and predictive maintenance. Any new assets and technology can always be added without code!

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Urban Air Mobility

Urban Air Mobility

Drones in the city? Yes, Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is now possible and one of our allies in the transition towards sustainability and resilience. UAM is a great solution for seamless mobility and last-mile delivery, reducing emissions, pollution, and congestion. 

Internet of Nature

Internet of Nature

What if healthy forests are more lucrative than monocultures and natural resource depletion? What if there are incentives to create, maintain, and expand healthy, biodiverse, and natural ecosystems?
What if.. you could order the solution in just a few clicks? Internet of Nature is the Next Generation Solution that will help us reforest the planet.

City Hub

City Hub

A whole new approach to city design - City Hubs are scalable and modular multipurpose centres at different levels - region, city, district, neighborhood - to make cities more resilient, adaptive and ultimately sustainable through digitilisation that enhances logistics and focuses on community needs!

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It is more than just a tool

The Digital Toolbox embodies a new approach in procurement processes where all legislation and technical standards of suppliers have been checked upfront. With our expertise in technology and our connections in the tech market we can support you in solving the digital challenges that you are facing. 

Our expertise in legislation, interoperability, and technology is available to you. The Digital Toolbox contains additional documents on European legislation that is currently in effect and the proposals that are under way. The support page presents an overview of the most important topics. The Digital Toolbox helps you get a grip on digital technology!

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