The Digital Toolbox is more than just a tool. Through our Academy we support you in all topics regarding the procurement of your Next Generation Solution, whether it is in legislation, IT, or finance. We will guide you through the process and help you get ready for fast-paced technological development. If you want to know more on how, get in touch with one of our experts!

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Technology could help to solve societal challenges, but procuring those solutions is complicated. The technological landscape has changed from one-off products, to collaborations between various suppliers to deliver a complete solution. To make things more difficult, society and technology have become dynamic and change quickly. This increases the importance of technical interoperability, but also good practices in privacy, data protection, and cybersecurity. The Digital Toolbox brings this together to help your organisation with procurement.



Legislation is a demanding but important topic. Developments in technology are rather fast paced, making the regulatory response to them quicker, too. That has increased the need to keep track with legislative initiatives which aim to clarify and guide the way to a good implementation of new technologies in society. That is why we have mapped all European legislation on digital and emerging technologies. The Digital Toolbox supports you in using this legislation to get a grip on technology. 

The topics range from Privacy and Data Protection to Electronic Identification Services, from Cybersecurity to Artificial Intelligence, and from Consumer Protection to Urban Air Mobility. We can guide your organisation through all necessary legal steps you should take in order to integrate your preferred digital solution in a compliant way. Are you curious about what the Open Data Directive, Whistleblowing Directive or the upcoming Data Governance Act and Data Act mean for your organisation? These are also part of our mapping!



As an example, nowadays it is difficult to find a technology or digital service that does not use data or personal data. To make sure that the right to privacy is protected, e.g., a Data Protection Impact Assessment could be conducted. Moreover, it is important to have robust and resilient information security systems which can confront any cyber attack and prevent the loss, alteration or theft of personal data. With the guidance in the Digital Toolbox we support you to use legislation to ensure fundamental rights of citizens, and to get a grip on technology. 

At the same time, the use of AI has great potential benefits for your organisation and citizens, but certain rights and principles should be taken into consideration. This mainly has to do with the principles of transparency and explainability towards citizens. How to achieve this? We have some recommendations for your city that will enhance adherence to these principles!