The Toolbox - key to the city

The Digital Toolbox provides your business with the unique opportunity to access the GovTech market for local government. This market is growing fast because of the large challenges that cities are facing. The Toolbox is an automated sales channel that we provide for free to service our clients: local government and other organisations that want to implement Next Generation Solutions. 

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Why join the
digital toolbox?

  • Increased GovTech market access
  • Reduction in sales costs
  • Awareness on European digital legislation
  • Awareness of industry's most important open standards

Make money and make a difference

Before onboarding the Digital Toolbox we assess you on legislative compliance, readiness for integration on a technical level, and your business and pricing model. These are necessary steps for doing business with local government in the EU. Our reference material and experts will help you get ready!

To quickly check how ready you are for onboarding, you can go through the pre-assessment provided below. 

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